Features and Benefits


Manufactured with a higher standard of adhesive and a thicker high-grade proprietary top-coating composition than most of our competitors, FlexiShield Paint Protection Film is guaranteed to look and perform like the day you installed it for at least 10 years of continuous use.


The chemical composition of our signature top-coating automatically rebuilds its top layer to provide a constantly smooth and shiny appearance. By simply spraying it with hot water, all minor scratches and marks inflicted by small rocks, bushes or washing equipment will instantly and permanently disappear, leaving your car looking like new every time.


The constant exposure of your car to the harsh effects of direct sunlight will inevitably lead to the fading and discoloration of your paint and headlights. The ongoing protection provided by FlexiShield’s spectrum-selective technology will virtually eliminate the impact of UV light against your car, allowing you to seamlessly maintain for years the exact color you so carefully selected.