FlexiShield Paint Protection Film

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FlexiShield Paint Protection Film

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FlexiShield Paint Protection Film

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FlexiShield PSH

8 mil Top Coated Premium Self-Healing Film

FlexiShield WSH

8 mil Top Coated Weather Safe Hazard Film

FlexiShield DPH

10 mil Top Coated Deep Protection Hazard Film

Coverage you can count on
Ultimate Protection

We have all had the heartbreaking experience of finding an ugly scratch or damage to the paint on our beautiful new car. The experience is both annoying and costly to repair. Fortunately, FlexiShield Paint Protection Films help prevent exterior scratches, paint damage, fading and much more.

FlexiShield offers outstanding film choices to protect your customer's vehicles and several pre-cut kits to cover the most commonly damaged areas. Virtually invisible to the naked eye, FlexiShield will seal and protect the outer surfaces of any type of vehicle against scratches and damage caused by road hazards like gravel, stones or flying debris. Even while parked, a car is a sitting target for shopping carts, keying, UV color fading, bird droppings, tree sap, and airborne contaminants. FlexiShield literally has it covered with its long-lasting durable construction and high-gloss clear finish. Flexible construction and repositionable adhesives make our film products easy to install on any vehicle and are backed by a Ten (10) year comprehensive warranty.

About us

Reflek Technologies - Leading Manufacturer of Paint Protection Film

Reflek Technologies is a cutting-edge manufacturer and global distributor of high-performance finishes and coatings for the transportation, construction, and medical industries. Our product portfolio is centered on automotive paint protection films, solar control window films, precision coatings, vacuum sputtering, photovoltaics, and flexible circuit applications. All products are made in the U.S.A. in our state-of-the-art facility located in Chandler, Arizona.

Our origins as a high-tech laboratory and a long history of specialty production has elevated ReflekTech to that of a world-class manufacturer. We carefully tailor and monitor every step of our production process to ensure the quality and consistency that our customers have come to trust.